Pro Invenia Property offers professional property expertise. Together, through their education and experience, our employees have acquired comprehensive expertise in property, law, economics, digital maps and spatial planning. This provides us with an excellent foundation for working on a multitude of projects within the field relating to property law.

Site acquisition and property rights

Pro Invenia assists public and private developers with site acquisition and property rights for the realisation of development projects. We enter into agreements on behalf of our principals, with the emphasis on long-term contractual terms. The focus is on ensuring that the developer obtains the necessary rights, while the landowner is dealt with in a professional manner. Site acquisition and property rights are a prerequisite for the construction of roads, railways, power transmission and telecommunications.

Plan and land register

We are at your service to clarify existing plans and to identify the requirements for transforming properties for a new purpose. The possibilities and limitations of the legislation are exploited to achieve the best possible result for the principal. We implement simple planning projects.

Official registration

Having the necessary rights registered in a property is essential for optimal exploitation of that property. We have the skills necessary to secure those rights.

Building applications

We have central approval and many years of experience as a responsible applicant. All angles of the project are handled by us, including notice to neighbours and complaints, etc. Our expertise is in the development of infrastructure, but we also carry out all other types of building applications. Some of our employees work exclusively on building applications. Knowledge and cooperation result in a fast, effective procedure.

Contracts and negotiations

Our employees have extensive experience in and in-depth knowledge of negotiations and the conclusion of contracts relating to property. Negotiations which lead to amicable agreements are our goal at all times.

Owner sections

Pro Invenia assists in the sectioning and re-sectioning of new and existing buildings. We produce articles of association and act as legal advisor in matters relating to the property.

Land consolidation

Pro Invenia can act as a consultant to parties in matters concerning land consolidation, both in urban and more traditional projects.

Consulting /valuation of land

We can act as consultants in the expropriation process, and in other property-related matters that are subject to court proceedings. We also undertake the valuation of land. There are many factors determining the value, including the size, resources, regulatory status, current use, location, etc.

Project management

If a development project is to be implemented, everything must be coordinated by a competent project management team. Pro Invenia has experienced employees who manage the processes from start to finish. We work both individually and in teams. Our employees are experts in land consolidation and lawyers, and our extensive cooperation provides us with a good basis for success.

Gravel pits, quarries and landfill

Pro Invenia Property assists in all phases of the establishment of gravel pits, quarries or landfill sites. This includes landowner agreements, zoning, planning applications, operating plans and applications for an operating licence. We are experienced in such processes, and help ensure proper utilisation of the mineral resources.

Other services

Through our business partners, we offer legal services, various evaluation services as well as mapping and surveying services.